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Well-Being Care in Wokingham

Adapt Chiropractic • Dr. Gareth Ward, DC (Dr. of Chiropractic)

Well-Being Care in Wokingham for Your Family

Well-Being Care in Wokingham: At Adapt Chiropractic, Gareth Ward, DC (Dr. of Chiropractic) provides chiropractic care not only to realign the spine but to provide his patients with well-being care as a whole.

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Well-Being Care is Beneficial to All Patients at Adapt Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is most often used to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints. While many people turn to Gareth for care when they are already experiencing back pain or neck pain, it is extremely beneficial for patients to receiving well-being care as a preventative measure—taking action before there is pain. This helps patients to understand their bodies better and often allows them to uncover issues earlier than if they waited to experience pain. Chiropractic for total well-being care restores balance to the body through adjustments to the spinal bones. This works to normalize joint motion, remove nerve interference, relieve stress and pain and optimize normal body function.

Patients Love What We Do!

“Went to Gareth in a time of absolute agony just days before flying off on holiday. He fitted me in as an emergency and then after two visits and seeing his physio I was able to go on my holiday pain free! Very sympathetic and professional during the assessment and throughout treatment….. Dr. Gareth Ward comes highly recommended!“ Sara M.

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